Parent Reviews

I am the mother of 4 children, ages 12, 9, 4 and 2.  My 12 and 9 year old attended Reynolds Community Preschool in the past, and my 4 year is currently enrolled as well.  The best part about Reynolds Community Preschool is that the preschoolers get lots of one on one attention from the high school students who take a class in Early Child Development.  The high schoolers read to the preschoolers, work on projects, and play games.  Along with the high schoolers, the preschool is blessed with certified elementary school teachers who teach, guide and supervise the children. Reynolds Community Preschool is a play based preschool, with lots of different play stations, including a library, carpet area, and a sensory table.  The children have a daily routine that includes project time, circle time, outside play (weather permitting), and snack time.  This preschool provides a safe and fun environment for preschoolers to learn and grow. My son is a shy and reserved child, yet he has flourished at Reynolds Community Preschool.  He adores school, and asks me every morning, "Is today a school day?"  Another thing to add is that you won't find a more reasonably priced preschool in our area.  When I was researching preschools, I found that RCP provides the best rate of pay for how many days/hours the kids attend.


Reynolds Community Preschool has been fabulous - I can't say enough wonderful things about the teachers and the preschool! My child is currently enrolled and is so excited to go to school every day, as a parent, I couldn't be happier. Each week a theme is introduced by children's books, and then crafts, projects and games done throughout the week tie into that theme. The school gives parents a weekly/bi-weekly handout explaining the theme of the week, the titles & authors of books they are reading, and what the preschoolers are working on. I find this very helpful because I can ask my child specific questions about what he is learning that week in school. There are three wonderful certified teachers in the preschool, and along with the high school students who are in the Early Childhood Education program, the preschoolers get so much attention! RCP has their own OUTDOOR playground, trikes & scooters, a viewing area for parents who wish to observe, and all this for an affordable price! One other thing that I appreciate about this preschool is the healthy snacks. Snacks frequently include fresh fruit or veggie, and/or other creative HEALTHY snacks. This is our second preschool in 2 years, so I have some basis for comparison. I highly recommend Reynolds Community Preschool!


I am the mother of a 4 year old boy who is attending his first year at Reynolds Community Preschool.  I would like to begin by saying my husband and I couldn't be happier with our experience and our son loves to go to school. The preschool is under the direction of qualified preschool teachers who oversee a group of high school students who are studying Early Childhood Development.  If you haven't considered high school students working with your child, I HIGHLY recommend you do.  My son loves all the one on one attention he receives and I appreciate the positive influence they have all had on my child. I am also impressed with the precautions put in place to ensure the children’s safety.  Somebody is always standing at the door to greet the arrivals and again at pick-up to make sure the children do not leave without a parent.   I also like the fact they have a two way mirror in the observing area and you’re welcome anytime to observe your child.  Also, at $80 per month, I have found Reynolds Community Preschool to be the most reasonably priced of the preschools in our area.  I will definitely be sending my son to Reynolds Preschool next year.


A truly wonderful place!  I have had 2 children go through this program, and both have benefited greatly. They learned many important social skills to prepare them for school.  
They had fun making "messy" crafts (that I did not have to clean up, lol), playing outside, hearing lots of great stories, practicing writing and counting.... 
One of the the best aspects of the curriculum is it is very much a developmentally appropriate learning-through-play style.  NO pushy, boring, phonics drills. (My older child is in first grade and reading at 4th grade level with full comprehension... and I never made her sit down and do tedious seat work when she was preschool age.  There really is no benefit to it!).  
The preschoolers get lots of attention from the certified adult teachers. However, something extra special about this preschool is that it is also part of the child development classroom for the high school.  The preschoolers benefit greatly from the nearly one-on-one attention they can get from the additional "teachers" in the room.  They always have someone bigger  to do a project with them, read them stories, or just play outside with them.  The age difference between the teens and preschoolers is enough that there is almost an "inter-generational" magic that happens when they make those special friendships. Everyone wins! 
Finally, the price is amazing.  Never seen another school come close to beating the price!  We  never paid more than $90 a month for 4 half-days a week!