Parent Handbook

 Welcome to Reynolds Community Preschool

Reynolds Community Preschool strives to achieve the highest standards in education.  The preschool is not only a positive learning environment for young children it also allows specially selected high school students pursuing careers in Early Childhood Education to enhance skills gained in their training.  While preschool children explore, learn and play, our high school staff witnesses the stages of early childhood development and engage in developmentally appropriate teaching methods.

We provide consistent quality in the areas of supervision, safety and cleanliness.  Our focus is to create an environment that encourages the growth of the “whole child”.  We emphasize learning through play, exploration and social interactions. Your child will participate in projects, literacy activities, language and music based on the “book of the week”.  This “book of the week” curriculum incorporates cultural themes and integrated learning experiences, as well as introducing children to various types of literature.  

Contact Information:

Preschool Telephone: (503) 667-3186 x 1147

We try to answer the phone, but our priority is with the preschoolers.  Please feel free to leave a message.


Jessica Story

Sally Hamilton:


RCP has a website at  You will find important information, newsletters and announcements as well as photos and videos.

Please feel free to download photos of your child.  Photos are usually uploaded every Wednesday. 

School Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

Morning Session: 9:10 am to 11:40 am 

Morning arrival time is 9:10 – 9:20

Morning pick-up time is 11:30 – 11:40

Afternoon Session: 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm

Afternoon arrival time is 12:30 – 12:40

Afternoon pick up time is 2:50 – 3:00

We follow the Reynolds High School calendar and preschool is held when Reynolds High School is in session. We ask your promptness in picking up your child.  Class is over at 11:40 and 3:00 so please arrive at the scheduled time.  If late arrivals occur you will be charged $1.00 per minute over the closing times. We cannot guarantee that a teacher will be in the room after 11:40 or 3:00 therefore, we greatly appreciate your cooperation in keeping to the schedule. Please understand that we are not available at times other than those listed for our sessions due to meetings.

Attendance Requirements

Children ages 3 ½ to 5 may attend.  

Children must be 3 ½ by September 1st.

All children must be toilet trained.

Transportation is provided by the family.

Oregon state immunization form must be completed.

Monthly payments must be punctual.

Snow Day

School closure information can be found on the television, radio, or the Reynolds School District website (  

In the event of a snow day a two hour delay will result in no morning preschool.   Afternoon preschool will begin later than usual at 1:15.

In the event of a one hour delay the morning preschool will run from 10:00 to 12:00.  The afternoon session will run from 1:00 to 3:00.  PLEASE refrain from calling the preschool phone number for snow information.

Parking Information

With a parking permit you may park in the staff and preschool parking areas shown on the map on the last page. Please do not park in the bus turn-around. You need to have a parking permit visible at all times, or a ticket may be issued.  Place the permit in the bottom left corner of the driver’s window.  Please enter through the playground.  To open the gate, reach over the top and pull forward.  

Sign In

Please sign in when you drop off and pick up your child. We suggest that you leave after you sign your child in. If you wish to stay, you may observe your child from the observation window at any time.  Be sure that every person who signs your child out is listed on the enrollment form.  We understand that emergencies arise and others may need to pick up your child. In an emergency please either call and leave verbal permission or send a note with the person picking up your child.  Please inform us of anyone who is not to pick up your child and provide legal documents.

Electronics Policy

Due to our building’s policy of electronics being off and away during school hours we request that families refrain from using electronics when entering the classroom.  Our belief is that children deserve their families’ attention while being dropped off and picked up.  As adults, we want to set a good example for our high school teachers.

End of the Year Celebration

On Friday, May 29, we will hold a preschool celebration.  This is a time to celebrate the conclusion of the preschool year with parents, siblings and guests.  We offer activity centers, a short music performance and certificates of completion.  The morning and afternoon classes BOTH participate in the celebration at the SAME time in the morning.  There is NO AFTERNOON preschool on this day. This is not the last day of preschool.  The last day of preschool is Friday, June 5.


All children attending Reynolds Preschool must show proof of current immunization status.  Immunization records need to be turned in within the first two weeks of attendance.  Children who do not have proof of current immunization status will be excluded from school in accordance with Oregon law.  If you have questions as to which immunizations are required for school, or would like a list of clinics that offer free or reduced-cost immunizations, please see us or call your local health provider.  

Tuition Payment Schedule

The total cost for preschool is $640.00. The initial $120.00 payment received with your application covers September, October and a “Two Week Notice” deposit.  Six $80.00 payments will be due the first preschool day in the months of November, December, January, February, March, April, and May. There will be no payments in October and June.  If there is no early withdrawal the $40.00 payment will be credited to your May payment. If you withdraw, your $40.00 “Two Week Notice” will be refunded provided we receive two week notice.

We ask for prompt payments to allow your child’s continued attendance.  If payment is not received within four preschool days we regret that your child will not be able to attend until payments are up to date.  We cannot guarantee your child’s spot will be held if we have a waiting list. 

Class is over promptly at 11:40 and 3:00.  Teachers are not available after those times due to meetings and appointments. If late arrivals occur you will be charged $1.00 per minute over the closing times.


A small healthy snack is served once during the preschool day.  If your child has a food allergy, an alternate snack will be served.  Every effort is made to assure that a child is not given a food to which they are allergic.  Calling our attention to any allergies that your child has is strongly encouraged.  We try to use seasonal fruits and vegetables and relate the snacks to the theme of the week.

Toys, Food, and Backpacks

Toys brought from home pose an irresistible distraction.  We ask that toys be left at home.  Should a toy make its way to school, it will be put in the child’s cubby until school is over.  Do not send food with your child, either for him/herself or to pass out others.  Please do not send in backpacks. We will provide a “take home bag” that goes home every Friday and is returned on Mondays.  


If you would like your child’s birthday to be celebrated at school, please inform us at least one week ahead of time to explore healthy snack options.   If you plan to bring birthday treats to school, please make sure that they are healthy, store-bought and in the original container.  We request that birthday invitations not be passed out at preschool.


We value the religious holidays of every culture, and respect the absence of religious holidays from others.  In the interest of making every child feel comfortable and welcome, various winter holidays will be explored as a social studies unit in December.  Aside from this social studies unit, there will not be religious holiday celebrations held in the classroom.  We do not celebrate Halloween or wear costumes to school.

Dressing for School

*Sturdy gym shoes are the best footwear to wear each day.  They are safe on the playground, the ‘big room’ floor and for riding tricycles and scooters.

*While flip flops are fun to wear, children can be easily injured on the play yard wearing them.  Flip Flops can slide out from under the children’s feet when climbing the equipment and the bark dust can irritate their feet.

* If your child likes to wear boots or dress shoes to school, we ask that you keep a pair of gym shoes in your child’s bin. 

 *If it’s not raining we will have our gross motor time on the playground.  On chilly days, please make sure that your child brings a warm coat, a hat, and gloves or mittens.

*Please bring one change of clothes for your child in case of an emergency.  Please include underpants, pants, socks and a shirt in a plastic bag with your child’s name written on the outside of the plastic bag.

*Overalls can be a challenge to get undone when a child needs to use the restroom.  Pants with buttons or snaps that the child can do themselves makes getting to the potty on time much easier!  

*Reynolds school district policy prohibits the wearing of hats inside the school.  Please note that if a hat is worn to school, it will need to be stored in the child’s cubby during class time.

*Necklaces and scarves pose safety hazards and should be left at home.  

Emergency Procedures

In the event of a personal injury involving your child, the teachers will assess the level of injury and administer the appropriate first aid.  The school health nurse may be consulted.  Should further care be required, a staff member will summon emergency personnel and contact the child’s parents/guardians as listed on their registration form.  Keeping these numbers current is very important.  Please notify us of any changes in contact information.  

Safety is vitally important at Reynolds High School, and especially at Reynolds Community Preschool.  Emergency drills are an important part of keeping our staff and students safe.  There will be several emergency drills over the course of the school year.  The procedure for emergency drills is as follows:

Fire Drill:

At the sound of a fire alarm, children are taken by the hand by a high school student or staff member, and led to the field to the west of the main parking lot.  One high school student is appointed to gather up the children’s coats, and another one brings the sign-in book.  Children’s attendance is taken once we have reached the safety of the field.  Attendance is again taken when we return to the preschool room.  Fire drills typically last five to ten minutes.

Earthquake Drill:

Reynolds High School will participate in at least one earthquake drill during the course of the school year.  At the beginning of the drill, children will be instructed to get underneath the tables in the room.  At the conclusion of the drill, children will be notified that it is safe to come out from under the tables and proceed to the outside meeting place. Should your child have a physical disability that prevents him/her from getting under the table, we will find an alternate location prior to the earthquake drill.

Lock-down and Lock-in Drills:

Lock-down drills have the potential to be the most frightening of the three drill types, but are also very important.  Lock-downs are used in the event that an intruder enters the building.  Lock-ins are used in the event of a dangerous situation outside of the school building.  In the event of a lock-down, preschoolers are taken to the back of the room, blinds are drawn, the door is locked, lights are turned off, and students play the “quiet game” with the children.  In the event of a lock-in drill, activities can continue as usual, but with all school doors locked, and blinds drawn.  

In the event of any of these three drills, parents will need to wait in the parking lot until the conclusion of the drill.  SMT (Reynolds Student Management Team) will be in the parking lot to notify you of the status of the drill.

Daily Schedule


9:10    arrive

9:10  activity choice time 

9:20    story time 

9:30    project 

9:50    activity choice time

10:05   gross motor

10:25   project 

10:45   snack

10:55   circle time 

11:10    project

11:40   leave


12:30   arrive

12:30   activity choice time

12:40   story time 

12:50   project 

1:10     activity choice time

1:25     gross motor

1:45     project 

2:05    snack

2:15     circle time 

2:25     project 

3:00     leave

Oct. 10 no school, state in-service day

Oct. 20 preschool picture day

Nov. 10 no school, high school grading day

Nov. 11 no school, Veteran’s Day

Nov. 13-14 no school, high school conferences

Nov. 27-28 no school, Thanksgiving break

Dec. 22-Jan. 2 no school, winter break

Jan. 19 no school, MLK Day

Jan. 26-30 no school, high school final exams, grading, evaluation, and proficiency days

Feb. 16 no school, President’s Day

March 23-27 no school, spring break

April 10 no school, high school grading day

April 16-17 no school, high school conferences

May 15 no school, Raider Rumble

May 25 no school, Memorial Day

May 29 preschool celebration (no pm preschool, both sessions come together at the same time in the morning)

June 5 last day of preschool